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Space Coloring Pages
The Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch a new era of space exploration when it and its crew of seven astronauts blast into space. Learn about the Vision for Space Exploration with these fun- filled coloring pages. Explore the excitement of the Space Shuttle’s return to flight, life aboard the International Space Station, and the future of space exploration, including sending people and robots back to the Moon and on to Mars.

Print all the pages in this section and put them together for your own Space Exploration coloring book!

  • Page 1 - The Space Shuttle returns to flight
  • Page 2 - Docking with the Space Station
  • Page 3 - Building the Space Station
  • Page 4 - The Space Shuttle lands safely
  • Page 5 - Living and working in space
  • Page 6 - Astronauts at the Space Station
  • Page 7 - The Crew Exploration Vehicle
  • Page 8 - Astronauts do important experiments
  • Page 9 - Robots exploring the Moon
  • Page 10 - Living and working on the Moon
  • Page 11 - Robots used to explore Mars
  • Page 12 - Astronauts will need new machines
  • Page 13 - Robots help astronauts learn
  • Page 14 - Exploring beyond the Moon and Mars
  • Page 15 - Space Talk: Words to understand
  • Page 16 - A New Age In Space

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Visit the Coalition for Space Exploration These coloring pages are brought to you by the Coalition for Space Exploration, a collaborative effort that seeks to generate momentum and enthusiasm for the Vision by sharing the excitement and tangible benefits of our space program with the general public and our nation’s leaders.

Kids, parents, and teachers can find more information and activities and even ask astronauts questions about space travel at